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Welcome to the third era of content – one where intelligence is being embedded alongside audio/video in order to streamline productions and supply chains, while delivering unprecedented marketing data and analytics. Smart Content is the active ingredient in the new digital media & entertainment complex. Metadata and watermarks are being embedded…tracking and recognition software are being encoded… and storage and archiving are being auto-recognized, logged and classified. How does it fit together? How are media companies making it all work?

The Smart Content Council is a MESA community where authorities from television, film and home entertainment promote industry leadership and review best practices, industry data initiatives and discuss the tools required to make their content easily identifiable, accessible and usable.

  • MARY YURKOVIC, Director, Content Strategy Council
    Mary Yurkovic is a technology strategy consultant who is also working with the Media & Entertainment Services Alliance on building a Content Strategy Advisory Council. Additionally she is working on a start-up APP VidLasso. She brings more than 15 years of experience from the publishing, entertainment and technology sector. She has worked in a range of different roles, from creative to technical. Ms. Yurkovic has been responsible for providing efficient and effective technical solutions for major media companies, and her deep understanding of technology, content, and digital workflows serves as the foundation for implementing successful solutions. She continues to bring her expertise from the Digital Asset Management space by developing and promoting efficient use of practical technologies and strategies for the management of digital media. She is a strong advocate for the end-users, keeping them informed and educated. Utilizing her leadership skills and acting as a liaison between management, working groups and technology, she has helped companies extend their brand to the digital space worldwide.
  • GUY FINLEY (President, MESA) Guy started his career in the entertainment industry as a successful performer and producer, making music with industry giants such as Phil Ramone, Elliott Scheiner, and Dave Grusin, among others. His New York City based group was signed to Larry Rosen’s N2K Encoded Music, the first record company to distribute music via digital downloads. He joined the home entertainment industry as President of LFA, Inc., providing home video brand and business consulting services for a worldwide clientele. His firm represented JVC in North America, licensing the loading and duplication of VHS videocassettes bearing the VHS Logo Trademark. In 2005 he joined the Content Delivery and Security Association (then IRMA, International Recording Media Association) where he pioneered the CDSA Daily News Portal and co-chaired the accountability sub-committee of the EPCglobal Item Level Tagging Public Policy Steering Committee. CDSA is currently managed by MESA. In 2008 he founded MESA as a coalition of service providers to the Hollywood studios, independent content holders, video game publishers, software publishers and music labels.


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