BTI Studios Introduces Innovative MAM System (SCN)

The new system replaces BTI’s previous system, Metastorm, and is designed to handle the full production workflow for all types of localization services, including dubbing, subtitling and audio description, covering communication and file distribution from incoming order to final delivery. It will enable clients to have enhanced access to BTI’s production via BTI Cloud. Within the new system clients can get an overview of the project as a whole; they can learn what stage the work has reached. The new system will also allow clients a portal to the BTI production via their own production system API, if preferred.

“As a globally successful service company in a fast-growing industry we’re always looking for ways to ensure we continue to offer the best possible experience for our clients,” said BTI Studios CEO Björn Lifvergren. “Embracing new technologies is key to this and BTI’s new system will enable us to provide even better efficiency, security and transparency across all of our services.”

BTI and OOONA have entered into an agreement for at least 1500 user licenses.The system roll-out has already started and the system will be fully implemented before the end of Q3 this year.

Robert Holmström, CTO, BTI Studios, says: “Since its arrival in the media translation sector in 2012, OOONA has gained a strong reputation as one of the leading and most innovative companies in its field. Building on these strengths, and carrying out careful research, OOONA has been able to develop a detailed understanding of BTI workflows, which has enabled them to develop an asset management tool to meet BTI specifications. The tool will now match BTI’s highly specific needs in terms of both efficiency and security, creating BTI Cloud — the perfect production environment.”

Founded in 2012, OOONA develops professional management and production tools for the translation, captioning and subtitling industry.

Wayne Garb, Managing Director, OOONA says: “Our aim was to create a perfect workflow tool for BTI Studios, a tool that is both custom-made to BTI’s high demands but very flexible in order to adapt to each and every client’s specific needs. We are delighted to be starting development of BTI’s new integrations after several months of system and workflow analysis.”