Saab Teams with DXC Technology, Citrix to Create Intelligent Digital Workspace (SCN)

With the help of Citrix and DXC Technology, Saab has created an intelligent digital workspace in which its 16,000 employees can share technology, ideas and thinking across more than 80 locations in a secure and reliable way to meet the needs of its customers and give its business a competitive edge. To accommodate Saab’s need for technology that could quickly scale to meet both current and future business challenges, Saab and DXC selected Citrix Workspace to run under DXC’s MyWorkStyle offering and deliver a centralized, flexible workspace that both unites and frees users, while keeping the business in sync real-time.

“We work every day with classified information. And while we need to be open in one end, we need to be very closed in another to ensure data integrity for those we serve,” said Mats Hultin, Group CIO, Saab. “That’s the key for us – to balance security and agility.”

And that’s where Citrix and DXC come in.

“Saab has for some years entrusted parts of its IT delivery to DXC Technology, which provides global support for thousands of workplace users around the world and supports Saab’s rapid global expansion through our successful and innovative MyWorkStyle solution,” said Martin Rainer, Industry Leader and General Manager, Manufacturing, DXC Technology, which is a Citrix Systems Integrator and winner of the 2019 Citrix Partner Innovation Award.

With Citrix Workspace, Saab can serve up personalized access to the systems, information and tools their employees need, when and how they need them, in a flexible and secure way:

Flexible: Employees can access the ever-increasing list of SaaS, web and mobile apps they prefer to use in one, unified experience.

Secure: IT gets a single control plane through which they can onboard and manage application performance without getting in the way.

And Citrix Workspace can be up and running in a matter of days – a key for growth-oriented companies like Saab.

“The modern platform we have today as a workplace solution really helps us integrate new companies very effectively,” Hultin said. “With the latest company we bought, we were able to give everyone virtual access to the Saab environment two days after commercial signing. And that’s how fast we need to be.”

Among the other results Saab has seen since deploying services based on Citrix Workspace delivered by DXC:

Standardization and simplification – A single, centralized and flexible workspace unites Saab users and keeps the business in sync.
Deployment efficiencies and cost control – IT can more easily and cost-effectively stand up and provision servers, workgroups and new projects.
Greater resilience and security – A flexible, digital perimeter ensures every user is intrinsically secure.

Saab joins more than 400,000 organizations – including 99 percent of the Fortune 100 and 98 percent of the Fortune 500 – who are using Citrix digital workspace solutions to power a better way to work and gain market advantage. Click here to learn more about the company’s initiatives and the value they are delivering.