Nuxeo Cloud Utilized by Accor Partners for 24/7 Access to Corporate Content (SCN)

Accor, one of the world’s best-known hotel groups, has implemented the Nuxeo Cloud platform to provide 24-hour access to thousands of documents and offer a centralized view of corporate information, irrespective of user location.

With 4,800 hotels in 100 countries, including hotel brands such as ibis, Raffles and Novotel, Accor requires support during the construction, maintenance and renovation of these hotels. The company required a tool to make all relevant information available to its partners – interior designers, franchisees, graphic designers, architects, marketers – needed for the smooth running of such phases of construction or renovation of hotels.

After a rigorous selection process, Accor selected Nuxeo Cloud as its content management platform, making it available to all teams all over the world. The platform contained all the necessary technical documents (construction guides, design briefs), marketing and administration and keeps them fully secure. Nuxeo Cloud also allows the localisation of guidelines to meet the specific requirements of each country.

“Given the number of selection criteria we had, the choice was not difficult,” said Damien Perrot, SVP Global Design at Accor. “Indeed, few players on the market could respond so exhaustively.”

Accor is using a wide variety of media, including traditional files and documents as well as photos, videos and more modern content. As documents evolve constantly, Nuxeo Cloud guarantees access to the very latest version for all 3,000 internal and external users.

Based on an open and agile architecture, Nuxeo is a content management platform that provides a centralised view of all corporate information wherever it is.

“This project is part of Accor’s ongoing commitment to innovation in its market,” said Eric Barroca, CEO of Nuxeo. “By choosing Nuxeo and our cloud offering, Accor demonstrates its confidence in supporting critical business processes. We are proud to have been chosen and to be able to contribute to the evolution of the group.”

Many criteria were taken into account during Accor’s selection process, including:

• Durability: Accor wanted a solution that met 95% of its standard requirements and required few specific developments.
• Integration: the new tool had to integrate fully within the IT global group environment to meet all constraints, including technical and security.
• Mobility: the solution had to offer multi-device mobility, to meet the requirements of its user.
• Ergonomics of the tool: it needed to be flexible enough to it quickly and easily without specific developments.
• Meeting user requirements: all users required the ability to view and manage all types of file, the ability to manage large volumes and also the ability to edit offline.

Taking place in two stages, the deployment lasted six months and the platform has open externally since 1 January 2019. Since the implementation of Nuxeo Cloud, the volumes processed have been multiplied by three.

Accor has planned several upcoming changes, including the improvement of its data management to better visualise, manage and optimise its information management. Accor also wants to integrate automatic document compression so that it can be accessed more quickly on the web.