Veritone Adds Geofencing to Attribute Application (SCN)

Artificial intelligence operating system company Veritone has added geofencing capabilities to its Veritone Attribute AI-enabled application for radio and TV broadcasters, providing more data insights that can lead more accurate analysis of ad campaign performance.

“Attribution models are becoming more and more critical to help broadcasters understand which ad campaigns are working or not, which in turn helps their advertising clients make their campaigns more effective,” said Michael Kennedy, senior director of product management for Veritone. “An impactful way to do that is to refine the attribution analytics, and that’s what we are doing by adding geofencing capabilities to Attribute.”

Veritone Attribute enables broadcasters to demonstrate ad efficacy by correlating traffic on the brand’s digital properties with ads that have run on the actual broadcast networks, measuring the effectiveness of pre-recorded commercials, and leveraging AI to gauge the efficacy of live reads, in-content chatter and more. Performance data is made available in near-real time, allowing broadcasters and advertisers to conduct performance analysis quickly.

The new geofencing capability will give station users the ability to isolate ad-tracking and accumulate campaign data by geographic area, allowing a broadcaster running a national campaign in multiple markets to look at only traffic from specified geographic areas.

“Veritone’s latest addition to the Attribute application further expands our ability to measure our advertisers’ ad performance and increase attribution data accuracy by adding geographic criteria to the analysis,” said Sara Henry, event coordinator at Hubbard Radio St. Louis. “Attribute’s quick, easy-to-decipher reports and slick graphics provide a great visual for presentations, and geofencing only adds to that story.”

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