Veritone Navigate Unlocks World’s Largest Repository of Audio, Influencer Metadata

Veritone unveiled Navigate, a new application custom designed for Veritone One—its full-service performance-based audio and influencer advertising agency. Built on aiWARE, Navigate automates analysis and empowers transparency to the impact of influencer and media placement that for most advertisers is still beyond their grasp.

Veritone One’s decision-making empowers the world’s most recognizable brands by aggregating planning filters for demographics, media and ad unit type, show size, genre, pricing and performance in split-second analysis. By improving processes for automating, validating, verifying and scaling content-based live reads and influencer ads, Navigate helps drive increased client ROI through better planning, execution, evaluation and media optimization. Veritone’s aiWARE equips media planners with the data they need to make more impactful, cost-effective decisions for their clients.

“Veritone One and Navigate have been instrumental in helping us scale and improve our advertising impact. Empowered with the AI in the Navigate application, we can now glean campaign insights, discover new opportunities, and push the needle for influencer marketing with incredible efficiency and clarity,” said Lauren McConnell, head of influencer marketing, HelloFresh.

Leveraging AI and machine learning, Navigate unlocks the world’s largest repository of audio and influencer metadata. Unique capabilities include:

Aggregated and AI-enabled Media Planning

—Cross-client media buying and performance trends
—Planning filters for demographics, media and ad unit type, show size, genre, competitor activity and pricing
—AI-enabled ad analytics including performance, integration duration and rating
—Content analytics including topical extraction, brand suitability and content classifications aligned with IAB taxonomy
—AI-based qualification of podcast ads to validate ad adherence
—Automated near real-time YouTube integration confirmation

Additional features coming soon:

—Media type and individual show benchmarking
—Role-based permissions
—Inventory alerts and cross-client leveraged bidding

“Veritone One is currently executing over 80,000 ad integrations each month through Navigate,” said Conor Doyle, senior vice president, Veritone One. “We are able to apply never-before-seen insights and actionable intelligence from Veritone aiWARE™ to optimize campaigns, which is why companies that are dominating their industries and those that are trailblazing new ones choose Veritone One.”

“We are excited to leverage Navigate for our customers at a time when share-of-voice depends as much on actionable insights combined with great campaign ideas,” added Doyle. “Navigate allows our agency strategists and planners to surface insights across all areas of the historically fragmented influencer buying cycle. This real-time aggregated intelligence from planning to execution and eventually optimization ensures we are hyper-servicing our brands in order to match them with the right influencer at the right time, which is a positive for our clients as well as the influencer community.”