Bluescape Introduces New Icon Library, Including MovieLabs’ Visual Language Set

Bluescape, the visual collaboration solution used by the world’s largest studios, recently released a new icon library that includes the MovieLabs Visual Language icon set.

The Visual Language icon set serves as a standardized way to illustrate and share workflow diagrams.

This new feature gives M&E teams a common language to communicate complex ideas quickly within their Bluescape workspace.

Production workflows from pre to post can now be organized, diagrammed, and executed more effectively with a visual framework.

When the diagramming is done, teams can continue collaborating in a visual platform complete with image search, online whiteboarding, frame-by-frame video review, and more.

Bluescape speaks your language

The Visual Language for Media Creation https://movielabs.com/production-specs/visual-language-for-media-creation/ collection includes a set of icons created with the needs of the M&E industry in mind. The set contains ideas and concepts that normal icon libraries don’t, including location, character, depiction, slate, and more.

With the introduction of the icon library, M&E teams have a familiar language at their fingertips they can use to visualize everything from workflows to creative concepts, while collaborating in real-time with crews around the world.

Bluescape, at its core, is a visual tool, and adding icons to arsenal provides another way to communicate visually, reduce confusion, and streamline work.

“The new icon library accelerates time to value, opening new avenues for creativity and ideation,” said Noah Blank, Bluescape product manager.

The MovieLabs Visual Language set is one of six icon libraries available for Bluescape users.

Icons are editable and infinitely scalable, so teams can make them truly their own.

Visual collaboration for the M&E industry

Bluescape’s new icon library is more than pictures. M&E teams can leverage the icon library to add structure to free-flowing ideation, diagram complex production workflows, and enhance storyboarding sessions.

The icon library is also complete with line variations to show how different elements are related to each other, creating a visual process to keep information flowing and projects on track.

Get started today

The icon library, complete with the MovieLab Visual Language icons, is available to all Bluescape users.

Bluescape has multiple plans starting at no cost per month, so you can see what Bluescape can do for your team with no strings attached.

Learn more about how Bluescape empowers creative teams in the M&E space here.

By Megan Ranger, copywriter, Bluescape