FPT Software Tackles Ethical Uses of Data, AI at Entertainment Evolution Symposium

Media and entertainment players are turning more and more to AI and machine learning to help streamline operations, reduce costs, and improve the richness of information that can be made available to consumers.

But these tools come with a certain responsibility when it comes to use, with AI models able to be trained in ways that expose bias, and machine learning applications leveraged to censor or politicize. At the Sept. 21 Entertainment Evolution Symposium (EES) in Los Angeles, the experts at FPT Software will explore how to identify and potentially avoid ethical misuse of these technologies, in the session “The Ethical Uses of Data, AI, and Machine Learning in Media and Entertainment.”

“We’re looking forward to joining this year’s Entertainment Evolution Symposium,” said Ira Dworkin, managing director of communications, media, and entertainment for FPT Software. “With the evolution of data, AI, and machine learning, we hope that attendees will walk away from our session on ‘The Ethical Use of Data, AI, and Machine Learning in Media and Entertainment’ with use cases for how AI/ML can be applied, potential risks and biases, and ways to train models to avoid ethical misuse.”

Dworkin will be joined by Phong Nguyen, chief artificial intelligence officer for FPT Software, as they look at how AI, ML and advanced data tech have impacted our industry, and whether we’re doing enough to prevent misuse of them.

The Entertainment Evolution Symposium (EES), the annual gathering of industry innovators and thought leaders, all discussing the use of data to effectively blend physical and digital experiences across the global entertainment ecosystem, returns as an in-person event at The Skirball Cultural Center.

Presented by the Pepperdine Graziadio Business School Institute for Entertainment, Media and Sports (IEMS) and the Hollywood IT Society (HITS), the full-day symposium will be a closed-door event for audience member participation only. The event is sponsored by Iron Mountain, Signiant, Whip Media, Atos, Fortinet, FPT Software, invenioLSI, Perforce, Vision Media, and EIDR.

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