Meta Martis, Public Media Group of Southern California to Provide On-Premises Physical Media Migration, ML-Driven Metadata Extraction

Meta Martis signed deal with the Public Media Group of Southern California to migrate thousands of hours of physical media to digital then processing their files with GrayMeta’s on-premises machine learning data platform running on local hardware. GrayMeta, Creator of Curio Anywhere and the SAMMA Solution, and Meta Martis, is on a mission to bring all legacy professional content to the new digital world.

PMGSC tells stories that matter through original programs that reflect the diversity of their region, and through the full schedule of trusted PBS programs on their channels KCET, PBS SoCal and Link TV.

This is the first deal signed with GrayMeta’s new product, Curio Anywhere, which brings AI-driven metadata enhancements for better search and content analysis. This is also the first deal for Meta Martis’ Fly Pack which brings GrayMeta’s SAMMA solution for the migration of physical media directly into your facility.

Meta Martis’ Fly Pack is a self-contained hardware solution that will go right into PMGSC’s archive media vault on-premises, plug into their decks and storage, and use the Emmy Award-winning SAMMA software from GrayMeta to migrate their physical media to digital files.

GrayMeta’s Curio Anywhere will be watching PMGSC’s storage locations where it will process all files with state-of-the-art machine learning and computer vision models to generate file and timecode-based metadata. Editors and archive managers at PMGSC will then be able to use Curio Anywhere’s user interface to search by people, transcripts, words that appear on screen, objects detected in a frame, and more and see results on a timeline.

They can watch the content with a frame-accurate built-in video player, load sidecar audio files, and export the metadata into a timecode-based shot list. They will be able to find anything in their archive for future content creation and monetization.

“This is game-changing for us,” says PMGSC’s Senior Director of Post Production Patrick Yew. “Not only will we be able to finally access all the content previously locked away on physical media, but we can finally make sense of all our media stored in various storage locations across our facility. No more wasted time searching for that one shot or perfect moment from an interview we filmed years ago. And the fact that this will all happen on premises made it a no-brainer for us.”

Tim Stockhaus, President of Meta Martis added, “The combination of an on-prem, OpEx Fly Pack to digitize your physical media and then adding the rich metadata created by Curio gives our customers the best opportunity to monetize their valuable media and find those golden nuggets that otherwise couldn’t be found.  It was ‘content is king’, now it’s ‘metadata is more valuable than the content’. 

This is the first implementation of GrayMeta’s Curio Anywhere product and the first combined offering with SAMMA and Meta Martis’ Fly Pack platform. This deal highlights the growing need to be able to bring cutting-edge technology and innovation to a customer’s site in a way that’s affordable and easy to implement.