Google, Gracenote and Global Expansion: EIDR APM Hits May 23

The work EIDR has done with Google, the major addition of Gracenote to the EIDR board, global expansion efforts, and the latest on the Cloud Localisation Blueprint. Major things have been afoot in the world of EIDR, and all of them will be discussed May 23 at the EIDR Annual Participant Meeting (APM) event in Los Angeles.

Being held as part of the Hollywood Innovation and Transformation Summit (HITS), at the Culver Theater in Los Angeles, and online via MESA’s virtual platform, the MESAverse, the EIDR APM will bring together EIDR member content owners, vendors, and the industry’s top technologists, all set to discuss the newest EIDR registry release, a new search experience, and the latest reporting efforts for the platform.

Past APM’s have seen presentations on the quest for identifier interoperability, the benefits of EIDR-enabled broadcast automation, advances in natural triggers to automate EIDR registrations, and the debut of a new working group to address catalogue challenges when companies merge.

Look for technology updates around EIDR, title and version strategy discussions from studios, and keynote presentations on the future of unique identifiers at the upcoming event.

The annual Hollywood Innovation and Transformation Summit (HITS) Spring event is the industry’s largest gathering of media and entertainment’s CIOs and top technology minds, bringing together the IT, data, and security communities of the industry.

Held as a “hybrid” in-person and virtual event, those not in Los Angeles can attend via Zoom or the MESAverse, MESA’s virtual work environment for its members and communities to watch live presentations, network, and step on the stage to share opinions.

The MESAverse uses ICVR’s RendezVu, a proprietary, interactive 3D-world application that will allow for hybrid live and virtual events and regular day-to-day interactions that go far beyond video conferencing.

The Hollywood Innovation and Transformation Summit event is produced by MESA in association with the Hollywood IT Society (HITS) and presented by Amazon Studios, with sponsorship by Fortinet, Genpact, Signiant, Gracenote, Ascendion, Coresite, MicroStrategy, CDSA and EIDR.

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