Box Takes a Deep Dive on its AI Strategy, Future Plans

Box executives explored the company’s artificial intelligence (AI) principles, product philosophy and future plans on Feb. 21, during a “Box AI Overview” webinar.

First, Jade McQueen, vice president and managing director for media and entertainment at Box, discussed the perception of AI, noting that some studios are still holding back on the technology.

She then pointed out how important it is to understand how your team feels about AI and educate your users. Some Box clients have AI committees, she noted.

McQueen then explained how Box set up guardrails.

Box Shield allowed secure collaboration and those principles are embedded into its Box AI offering, she said. Box AI can also be turned on and off, and it provides transparency into how answers are created,” she told viewers.

“Some of our major studios are completely, totally 100 percent not talking about [AI] or, at least, “not allowing their users to go for it,” she said.

A growing number of companies in different sectors started embracing AI. But she said: “Before we can even talk to any tech companies about the AI offering,” it is necessary to “really understand, within your own environment, how does your team feel about it.”

“It is a good idea, she said, to educate users “about the good and the bad about AI.” And “one thing that I definitely really encourage you to do is talk” to your organization’s general counsel and figure out what the firm’s policies are,” she pointed out.

After all, she said, “I do think there’s a lot of threats around IP protection when you don’t put rules and regulations in place.”

Box has also “created an environment that is very conducive for creatives to be able to collaborate without having to worry about the technology,” she said of Box Shield and Box AI.

Users also “have the transparency to see how … ads are coming through, and this is something that I think you should demand from all of your vendors because content is literally key to everything that entertainment companies do,” she said.

“And I do think that that sensitive information should not be put out there without some guardrails.”

Ben Kus, CTO of Box, pointed out that, “strategically speaking, generative AI” has become what much of the AI talk these days is about.

Kus also noted it is important to think about how AI can help an organization with enterprise content. AI can now be applied to unstructured data, he pointed out.

He added: “These are the kinds of things that we as a content cloud believe that we can use AI to sort of enhance and infuse AI capabilities across the company. This is why we created what we call Box AI. Box AI’s job … is to bring AI to your content for you in many different ways.”

He then provided viewers with a Box AI demo.