Fabric Partners with Katch to Enhance Content Discovery with Genomic Data

Fabric has partnered with Katch, a leading technology and data company in the recommendation space, to offer Genomic data to Fabric customers. Katch’s highly differentiated, descriptive metadata allows media companies to understand the “why” behind audiences and drive highly valuable metrics like time on platform, churn rate, and catalog exposure.

Katch’s Genomic Traits and Genomic Content clusters will be made accessible through Fabric’s cutting-edge APIs. By enriching their platforms with Katch’s metadata, streamers and media companies can better predict content performance, promote and curate content more creatively using audience taste.

Content discovery is one of the leading issues in streaming today-Katch enables the ability to create highly personalized recommendations with explainability (“here’s why we are recommending you this title”) as well as highly compelling marketing messaging.

“By partnering with Fabric, Katch will expand its reach into a greater cross section of streaming and media companies. Katch’s Genomic data has been proven to improve personalized content recommendations and predict content performance,” says John Dicconson, CCO of Katch.

Rhodes Mason, VP of Business Development at Fabric says “By offering Katch’s content metadata, Fabric’s customers will be able to support a number of valuable use cases. Everything from content merchandising, UX, and recommendation algorithms, to strategy and planning. Moreover, Genomic data is highly complementary to Fabric Origin’s core offerings.”

Fabric Origin has become synonymous with content discovery, offering seamless solutions that allow users to explore entertainment options with ease. This partnership with Katch adds a new dimension to their services, responding to customer demands for better content metadata.