NAB 2024: HAND to Highlight Its Talent ID Technology

HAND (Human & Digital) is showcasing its global Talent ID registry at NAB 2024 in Las Vegas, Booth W3921HH, from April 14 to 17, 20924. HAND’s Talent ID is a unique identifier standard enabling cost savings and revenue acceleration for legal, virtual, and fictional talent in entertainment, sports, music, gaming, and beyond.

The identity intelligence technology was designed to help tackle threats to Name, Image, Likeness (NIL) rights from unlicensed AI-based deepfakes while automating talent use for consent-based digital replicas.

HAND’s B2B Talent ID registry offers business intelligence via API and web UI. HAND’s public talent IDs are interoperable, free to resolve, have no expiration date, and are currently available in the media supply chain. The technology is available on a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) subscription model, which provides both API and web UI access to subscribers.

“The potential long-term damage to both individual talent’s NIL rights, and to a brand’s Intellectual Property (for their fictional characters) from deepfake technology and other generative AI-based applications is staggering,” said Will Kreth, CEO & Founder of HAND. “By authenticating notable human talent, their connected digital replicas, and fictional characters, HAND’s interoperable Talent ID tracks, protects, and automates talent use across the media supply chain.

HAND also recently announced the integration of its Talent ID technology and APIs within the Fabric database, enabling its customers to search, match, and eventually create their own resolvable, unique HAND Talent IDs from within the Fabric interface. Fabric is a cloud platform that allows customers to manage editorial, technical, and other metadata about TV shows, movies, documentaries, games and more.

“Fabric has been an early partner with HAND, and we’re excited to take this next important step with them as they grow,” said Rob Delf, CEO of Fabric. “We’re big believers in offering our customers the best contextual title and talent metadata – and the value of persistent, standards-based IDs in our workflows for the award-winning titles we manage is tremendously valuable to us. We look forward to offering an increasing number of HAND Talent IDs to our customers in the months to come.”