MESA’s M+E Journal Goes Live

The spring/summer edition of the “M+E Journal,” published by MESA and geared toward senior media and entertainment executives who oversee their companies’ digital futures, is now available online.

The 111-page publication features insights from nearly two dozen MESA members, from 3rd i Digital to Vubiquity, with the issue’s main focus centred on the automation and integration of AI into all corners of media and entertainment.

Along with the cover section — “AI: Automation & Integration” — the issue offers industry insights for several crucial industry areas, including “Smart Content,” “Security” and “Workflows.”

The “M+E Journal” also features columns from MESA’s executive leadership.

Here’s a quick look at what’s included in the “AI: Automation & Integration” section:

• “Embracing AI for Media and Entertainment: A Journey Beyond Automation” by Teresa Phillips and Pranav Joshi at Spherex.

• “Harnessing the Power of AI” by Steven Polster at Slalom.

• “AI is Just What Streaming Needed” by Jerry Inman at Whip Media.

• “Generative AI Enhances Content Delivery” by Muralidhar Sridhar at Prime Focus Technologies.

• “The Boutique Alliance: Expanded Services, Client Focused, AI Driven” by Ramón Bretón at 3rd i Digital.

• “Key Considerations for Your AI Governance Framework” by Anne Neubauer at Brightspot.

• “Opportunities for Generative AI in Media Firms’ Corporate Functions” by Brajesh Jha at Genpact.

• “To Make the Most of AI, Scalable Data Management is Key” by Ryan L’Italien at Perforce Software.

• “What is Artificial Super Intelligence?” by Jason Gish at Duplitech.

• “Balancing Innovation and Risk with AI-Generated Dubbing Technologies” by Nicole Quilfen at Mediartis and Stephanie Iyayi at Convergent.

• “AI is Creating New Paradigms” by Peggy Dau at MetaBroadcast.